Past Club Presidents

Karen Loh 1972-74
Selina Chow, GBS, OBE, JP 1974-75
Mary Yan 1975-77
Dolly Ng 1977-79
Kit Hayward 1979-81
Carlye Tsui, MBE, JP 1981-82
Agnes Au Yeung 1982-83
May Fung 1983-84
Dr. Henrietta Ip, OBE, JP 1984-86
Elizabeth Wong, CBE, ISO, JP 1986-87
Kathleen Yip, JP 1987-88
Dr. Vivian Taam Wong, JP 1988-89
Brenda Chow 1989-90
Dr. Tin Chun Wong 1990-91
Betty Cheng 1991-92
The Hon. Laura Cha, GBM, GBS, JP 1992-93
Linda Chung 1993-94
Mabel Lui, JP 1994-95
Josephine Chang 1995-96
Sophia Kao, GBS, SBS, JP 1996-97
Linda Wang 1997-98
Victoria Au 1998-99
Dr. Polly Cheung 1999-20
Dr. Susan Louie Chan, JP 2000-01
Stella Lau, JP 2001-02
Helena Koo 2002-04
Agnes Chan 2004-06
Pansy Leung 2006-08
Pauline Ng 2008-10
Bonnie Kwan Huo 2010-12
Joan Leung 2012-14
Thelma Tong 2014-16
Doris Chu 2016-18
Yolanda Yeh 2018-20

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