Programs 2022-2024

The 2022-2024 biennium for Zonta Club of Hong Kong started with our 50th-anniversary celebrations and what more to sustain this special milestone than with our continued commitment to bringing inspiring and thought-provoking Programs to fellow Zontians? Our Programs shall present today’s influential and inspiring speakers to address current societal developments in innovation, trends, culture, and climate issues and perhaps with a gender lens where we can make a difference.

1. ‘When Fashion is Not Just Fashion” (Ms. Angelica Cheung, 27 Sept 2022)

In a closed-door dialogue, Ms. Angelica Cheung, Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China, and the former Editor in Chief of Vogue China inaugurated our biennium’s Program with our Program Chair, Ms. Lui Tong, and the topic was “When Fashion is Not Just Fashion”.  We explored Ms. Cheung’s journey from a law student to launching Vogue China, how China’s fashion industry has been reshaping since the rise of consumption in China, where she sees the industry is heading and her thoughts on sustainable consumption. We discussed how are today’s designers influencing the fashion industry, and what are some successes. It was an overwhelming turnout by fellow and sister Club Zontians and District representatives.

2. ‘Global Economic and Financial Market Outlook” (Dr. Jacky Tang, 25 October 2022)

In the midst of the crazy state that inflation and interest rates keep growing, geo-political changes and supply chain impacts, we were privileged to have Dr. Jacky Tang, Managing Director, Wealth Management, Goldman Sachs, a seasoned advisor, and economist who joined our Program and shared a vivid insight on the “Global Economic and Financial Market Outlook”.  We explored from macroscopic to microscopic implications on the equity market, currency, recession severity, and how the 2023 geo-locational economic and financial market look. Sister Zontians from ZCHK and sister Clubs joined in virtually for a fascinating discussion with Dr. Tang’s captivating analysis. To view the recorded session online, please click here.

3. “A Path To Build A Better World for Women and Girls” (Prof. Gillian Choa, 29 Nov 2022)

Gender equality matters in the arts. It determines the degree to which men and women fulfil their own right to artistic expression through self- representation, telling their own stories, and making an individual contribution to the cultural and creative landscape.

ZCHK’s very own Sister Zontian, Prof. Gillian Choa, the first female and the first homegrown President of The Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, shared with us how she inspires Hong Kong through art.

It was Prof Choa’s passion for ballet that led to performing arts, and stage design, which gradually evolved into a career path. Her multifaceted roles in teaching at the academy inevitably involve much administrative work. By Jan 2021, she had taken charge of Hong Kong’s leading performing arts academy, the HKAPA. A fresh study impressively showed 79% of HKAPA’s graduates have secured a professional job upon graduation, a higher statistic than any comparative institution. Yet there are still challenges for women and girls today in pursuing their dream. Members joined in and discussed how, in a male dominant society, it takes more than one’s capability to reach the top and thrive. So, we must find ways to support fellow females, just like our male counterparts support each other.

4. “Psychological Health & Useful Tips for a Strong Mind” (Prof. Tatia Lee, 28 Feb 2023)

Life constantly embraces us with challenges in life. Pandemic and living in a digital world making many lives in a constant on.  Whether you are facing stress from work, family, health and financial instability, or fear about the future, or simply anxious about work challenges, now is the time to face it positively!
Zonta Club of Hong Kong were privileged to have Prof. Tatia Mei-Chun Lee, Chair Professor of Psychological Science and Clinical Psychology and May Endowed Professor of Neuropsychology at The University of Hong Kong, a visiting professor of King’s College London, share how this complex brain and psychological health matter. 
One in 10 Hong Konger are depressed according to studies. This number is over 4 fold compared to our neighbouring cities. Prof. Lee explained in a layman way how depression is an aggression turning inwards and one of the factors is loneliness, including feeling lonely amongst the crowd.  It was staggering to learn that 40% middle aged adults and elderly suffer chronic loneliness. A useful tip is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise physically and our neuroplasticity to achieve a healthy mind.  Our full house couldn’t resonate with her more when she quoted 

Han Selye “It’s not stress that kills us, it’s how we react to it “.  It was such an inspiring talk and the lively Q&A session couldn’t address all the interest, many were asking for a sequel already. 

On March 28th, 2023, James Chang, the Founder and CEO of Geb Impact Technology, Hong Kong’s first biotech firm to cultivate microalgae for its abundant plant-based protein shared an insightful presentation on “Eating Green – How We Can Take The Charge To Make a Difference” followed by a vivid Q&A discussion.

Asia hosts 60% of the world’s population, yet it only bears 20% of the world’s agricultural land. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing, and eating green helps in contributing to environmental change.  Alternative protein is an important part of the future food toolbox if we are to build a stronger and more resilient regional food system. James shared how the microalgae is a sustainable source of high-quality protein that has become to revolutionize the traditional vegetarian food market and a life-changer in supplementing nutrition for dieters, elderly and malnutrition populations. No wonder governments around the globe are committing more funds and resources in the green food sector.