Fellowship and Events

On May 25th 2021, the AGM meeting took place at the Banker’s Club in Central. President Nora Leung acknowledged the challenges we faced in the past year, which did not deter our commitment and morale. She presented the various projects accomplished during the past annum and shared what is in the planning for the year to come. Thereafter, respective Committees each presented their works in greater details. She concluded by reaffirming that all challenges in the year to come will be met with creativity, commitment and courage in the year.

Team picture from AGM meeting on May 25 2021

Team picture of Committee members May 25 2021

On a regular basis, the Fellowship Committee organizes a range of imaginative events and activities for the enjoyment and friendship bonding among members. Special events are also organized for purposes of fund raising, training and anniversary celebrations. Our members also participate in the organization of events to be enjoyed by all clubs in Area 2 and District 17.

The pandemic situation in 2020 did not allow social events to take place. However, Christmas gathering on zoom was organized and enjoyed by all.