How you can do your part to build a better place for Women and Girls?

16 Days of Inspiration November 9-24 – Build a Better World for Women and Girls

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Women and girls are facing increased challenges because of COVID-19, climate change and threats to their human rights.  To respond to these challenges, we need a strong, committed community of individuals, men and women, working together for gender equality. 

“Gender equality is vital to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which envisions a world in which every woman and girl enjoys full gender equality. Together we can Build a Better World for Women and Girls!” said Eva Ip, president of Zonta Club of Hong Kong.

Zonta Club of Hong Kong has initiated a series of videos to raise public awareness of gender equality and mobilize people to take action together to build a better world for women and girls.  16 Days of Inspiration – 16 one-minute videos of 16 accomplished women working across different sectors in Hong Kong will be sharing their visions on how we can “Build a Better World for Women and Girls”.  The video series will be released with a kickoff by a trailer on November 8, followed by 16 video in 16 consecutive days from November 9 to 24, leading to our Zonta 16 Days of Activism campaign.

“Women should be respected. I hope women all over the world have an equal right to speak and that they could be true to themselves and have the courage to express their emotions.” said Guo Jingjing, Olympic gold medalist and UNICEF ambassador in the video. “We must act now: get young people to learn and care about the environment!” advocated Dr Rebecca Lee Lok-Sze, renowned explorer who is the first Hong Kong woman to have visited the Arctic, the Antarctica and Mount Everest. Both women are featured in the 16 Women in 16 Days series of videos.

Together, let’s build a better world for women and girls.  The time is NOW!

#BuildaBetterWorld @ZontaIntl

ZONTA CLUB OF HONG KONG is part of Zonta International, a global organization of executives, chartered in 1972, was the first Club of Zonta International established in Hong Kong. Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. The Club’s mission is to empower women through service and advocacy.

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你如何盡一分力, 為婦女及女孩打造一個更美好的世界

16日的啟發 – 為婦女及女孩建設一個更美好的世界!



香港崇德社發起及準備一系列的視頻以提高公眾對性別平等的意識,並動員大家一起行動,為婦女及女孩打造一個更美好的世界。16日的啟發:16個一分鐘視頻,16位在香港不同行業有傑出成就的女性,將會分享她們對如何為婦女及女孩建設一個更美好世界的遠見。視頻系列將在11月8日發布預告片,跟接着16日16個視頻在11月9日至11月24日在香港崇德社YouTube 頻道播放。

‘’女性應該備受尊重。我希望全世界的女性都有平等的話語權,希望她們能夠忠於自己,勇於說出自己的感受。‘’ 奧運跳水金牌運動員及聯合國兒童基金會大使郭晶晶在視頻中提出。”我們應該立即行動,讓年青人去學習及關心環境!” 李樂詩博士提倡。李博士是首位香港女性探索北極,南極及珠峰。這兩位女性都會在‘’16日的啟發”視頻中出現。

就是現在, 讓我們立即行動, 合力為婦女及女孩建設一個更美好的世界!





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