Projects 2020-2022

Project ABC- Zonta Club of Hong Kong helps underprivileged families with e-learning stresses during COVID-19 pandemic

Disccussion with Dr. Nancy Law at Carmel Alison Secondary School

During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are limited to e-learning for a prolonged period. This has caused a lot of stress to mothers and children, particularly for the underprivileged families with no access to internet and digital devices.

In August 2020, the Zonta Club of Hong Kong launched a three-stage service and advocacy project named Project ABC.

For Project A, Knowledge Superhighway, the Zonta Club of Hong Kong aimed to bridge the socio-economic and digital divides. They appealed to internet services providers to provide free/reduced charges for needy families with school-aged children. With sponsorship from China Mobile Hong Kong, an in-kind donation from Microsoft and donations from club members, 1,600 prepaid SIM cards and 380 pocket Wi-Fi devices were distributed to 1,500 students and 100 mothers from more than 80 schools, with 130 mothers agreeing to join Project C.

For Project B, E-Devices, the club’s goal was to further improve the preparedness of e-learning. They appealed to the commercial sector to request donations of used devices for students. With donations from commercial firms Sequoia Capital China, Ernst & Young, Graff Diamonds, PwC HK, Deloitte Hong Kong & Hony Capital, 99 used laptops and iPads were received and distributed to more than 25 secondary schools.

The market value of the donated items in these two projects amounted to more than HK$,1,000,000 (US$125,000), with close to 3,000 beneficiaries including mothers, siblings and families of the students.

For Project C, Mothers Helping Mothers, an e-channel was launched for registered mothers to access useful resources during this social distancing period. The channel includes videos on sharing e-learning experiences, helpful tips on health care and instructional videos on using e-devices. The channel will help these women gain valuable digital skills, and the club hopes the mothers will also connect with club members. The project is still ongoing, as videos are continually being added to the e-channel to help release stress from the mothers during the pandemic and also provide learning tools for women to acquire digital skills.


Advocacy Project: Story of Siu Ann & Siu Ning

Production and distribution of animated video, based on original script written by Zontian Pauline Ng, tells the story of teenage school girls confronted by enticement and attraction of the opposite sex. In the story, their teacher leads them to visit their former classmate who became pregnant and was forced to abandon her study. Towards the end of the video, the harmful effects of early pregnancy were explained by medical professionals. With voice over by Z Club members from St. Paul’s Convent School, graphic and translation works done by our club members, the video being presented to the students at the 6 Z Club schools and 80 schools from our ‘Project ABC” school network, impact is extensive, with audience over 4000 students and over 500 mothers and girls from our service partners. Video will also be viewed by the general public via the HK Family Planning Association.

A scene in the animated video
Harmful effects of early pregnancy explained by Hong Kong Family Planning Association

Our club has sponsored the “Towards Zero Carbon” project, founded by Mabel Mak, with Ms. Kathy Ip serving as Vice Chairman.

On November 26 2021, award ceremony for art competition among primary & secondary schools was held in Hong Kong Convention Centre, with key-note speech by Secretary for Environment K.S. Wong.

Let’s join hand & fight climate change together! Towards Carbon Neutral journey begins Now!