16 Days of Activism 2022

Zonta Club of Hong Kong Partnered with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals CEASE Crisis Centre and HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre in Kwai Tsing to Says No to Violence Against Women

16 Days of Activism in Focus – 25 November to 10 Dec 2022

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Violence Against Women and Girls remains the most widespread and pervasive human rights violation worldwide affecting more than an estimated 1 in 3 women, a figure that has remained largely unchanged over the last decade. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified violence against women and a recent study finds that almost 40% of Hong Kong women have experienced sexual abuse. These figures, however, according to WHO, are under reported.

Zonta Club of Hong Kong is part of Zonta International, a global organization of executives, chartered in 1972, was the first Club of Zonta International established in Hong Kong. Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. Every year, during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence (25 November to 10 December), Zonta clubs and Zontians around the world take action and advocate to end gender-based violence, raise public awareness of gender equality and mobilize people everywhere to bring changes.

Eva Ip, President of Zonta Club of Hong Kong said, “This year is like no other. As part of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign, Zonta Club of Hong Kong will engage its members and the public to support the “Victim-for-Victim” (V4V) program launched by TWGHs CEASE Crisis Centre and “Journey of Empowerment” community project launched by HKSKH LMC with a series of activities during the 16 Days of Activism”.

V4V Survivor-mentors Endorsement Ceremony

Zonta Club of Hong Kong has partnered with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals CEASE Crisis Centre on the Victim-for-Victim (V4V) program. CEASE Crisis Centre has been providing crisis intervention and support services, serving victims of sexual violence, individuals or families encountering intimate partner violence or family crisis. CEASE Crisis Centre also provides short-term accommodation service to assist those victims who are temporarily not suitable to return home or those individuals or families in crisis.

Over 80% of those victims are women in the working age range. V4V program is designed to provide after-care service and continuous support to female survivors to pave their way to re-enter the society. The workshops held in our soft launch include Eye Care Workshop focusing on eye care of the women survivors, victims and their children and IT workshop on parent-child related apps. Our Zontian, Dr Christine Wu, gave a talk and answered questions around different eye concerns including childhood myopia, eye care from increasing screen time and laser refractive surgeries.

We have solicited sponsorship from various corporate for 15 old cell phones and 60 free 4G plans. The refurnished phones and 4G plan are made available to victims of domestic violence under the V4V program for making emergency calls.

At the V4V Survivor-mentors Endorsement Ceremony to be held on 3 December 2022, V4V women survivor-mentors will be officially appointed and empowered with the role of mentoring and supporting the women victim-mentees. The V4V program aims at helping the women victims by building their sense of security and rebuilding trust, reviewing oneself and rebuilding as well as connecting with others. The women survivors will share their stories with the victims, and support and guide them through difficult times.

Journey of Empowerment “Bringing Changes to Women with Mutual Support” Day
Zonta Club of Hong Kong has also partnered with HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre in Kwai Tsing district on the “Journey of Empowerment” program. Kwai Tsing district is among the districts with the most reported cases of domestic violence and abuses last year. The program aims at supporting and coaching deprived and vulnerable women in Kwai Tsing district, enabling them to identify their challenges and stress early and providing emotional support and counselling for women facing family violence. Women volunteers will be recruited and trained as Ambassadors which will enhance peers support and identify and help women who suffer from intimate partner violence.

At the Journey of Empowerment “Bringing Changes to Women with Mutual Support” Day to be held on 10 December 2022, HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre will hold a music therapy workshop where deprived and vulnerable women can improve communication skills, manage emotions, boost concentration and build self-confidence, which can also bring harmony to body, soul and spirit. There will also be a talk on psychological health and emotional management to promote the practice of mindfulness and deep breathing exercises, to help calm emotions and improve the physical and mental health in families.

Z Clubs’ Involvement in the Campaign
This year, the six Z clubs sponsored by Zonta Club of Hong Kong will take part in the 16 Days of Activism Campaign by participating in “Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women” Unity Chain. Students will write a message on a strip of orange paper to express their views on gender equality. The orange paper will be glued or stapled together, forming long chains that will represent the power of uniting for a common cause – Zonta Says NO (ZSN) to Violence Against Women. The photo of the most impactful ZSN unity chain will be uploaded to Zonta International’s “Zonta Says No” website.

A world without violence will better enable women and girls reach their academic and professional goals; achieve economic independence; build careers and contribute to the development of their communities and society.

Together, let’s build a better world for women and girls. The time is NOW!

Zonta Club of Hong Kong sponsors Z Club in six schools: Good Hope School, Hong Kong International School, St. Mary’s Canossian College, St. Paul’s Convent School, St. Stephen’s Girls’ College and True Light Girls’ College. The program aims to nurture secondary school students to organize meaningful student-led service and advocacy activities that develop their communication and leadership skills, explore career alternatives, and increase their international awareness and understanding.

For more information, follow us at https://zontahk.org.hk or email us at gyneth@zontahk.org.hk


香港崇德社與東華三院芷若園攜手合辦的逆風妍展計劃 (V4V) 及 與香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心葵青家庭活動部舉辦的「動力「女」程」婦女社區計劃一起「向婦女暴力說不」


根據世界衛生組織(WHO)報告, 針對女性的暴力是當今最普遍的侵犯人權行為,在全球範圍內有三分之一婦女及女孩遭受暴力侵害, 這數字與過去十年調查結果基本一致。 新冠大流行加強了針對婦女的各種暴力,最新報告發現接近百分之四十的香港婦女曾遭受性暴力, 世衛估計實際數字可能會更高。

香港崇德社是國際崇德社的一員,在1972年創立,是香港首個成立的崇德社。國際崇德社結合不同國家志同道合的專業人士,致力通過服務與倡導提升婦女社會地位。國際崇德社以每年的11月25日至12月10日為「向婦女暴力說不」“十六日行動” (Zonta Says No to Violence Against Women “16 Days of Activism”),全球各崇德社及其會員團結一致發起行動並倡議結束向婦女暴力,希望引起公眾關注性別平等及動員世界各地的人為此帶來改變。

香港崇德社會長葉小慧稱:該會一如以往參與國際崇德社的”十六日行動”,發動全員及公眾支持東華三院芷若園推出的”逆風妍展計劃(V4V)” 及香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心推出的“「動力「女」程」婦女社區計劃” ,在“十六日行動”展開連串活動。

十二月三日V4V沿途有你 齊心護航啟動禮

香港崇德社與東華三院芷若園攜手舉辦V4V計劃。芷若園是一所危機介入及支援中心, 主要為性暴力受害人,包括個人或其家庭,在面對家庭暴力或其他家庭危機時提供全面的支援, 中心亦為受害人提供短期住宿服務,個案跟進及專業轉介等。

受害人當中有超過八成婦女為勞動人口的年齡, V4V計劃旨為協助她們適應新生活和家庭上的轉變, 重建個人自信, 並展開人生新一頁。 迄今已啟動的工作坊包括為受害婦女及婦女朋輩輔導員設計的護眼講座及親子app實戰工房。香港崇德社會員吳天心眼科專科醫生主講護眼工作坊,為婦女介紹兒童常見眼疾, 疫情下屏幕時間大增的眼部護理需知等。 V4V計劃獲得社會各界支持, 包括15部舊智能電話及 60個免費4G服務計劃,讓V4V計劃下受害女性能在不被施暴者追蹤情況下撥打緊急電話。

在十二月三日舉辦的V4V“沿途有你 齊心護航啟動禮”中,婦女朋輩輔導員正式被委任並獲頒發嘉許證書。朋輩輔導員將帶領及扶持受害婦女建立安全感和重建信任,回顧及檢視,以及自我更新聯繫他人關係。朋輩輔導員亦會分享自身經歷,以帶領及鼓勵受害婦女渡過困境及艱難時期。

十二月十日 動力「女」程 「婦女互助, 帶動轉變」社區分享會

香港崇德社全力支持及贊助香港聖公會麥理浩夫人中心葵青家庭活動部舉辦的「動力「女」程」婦女社區計劃。 葵青區家暴個案數字相對全港各區為高,此計畫旨在扶持葵青區低收入家庭及被虐待婦女,藉朋輩互助網絡,讓這些婦女及早發現生活壓力而引致家人間發生的言語衝突, 以避免進一步演變為家暴事件。朋輩婦女會接受一系列訓練成為大使,進一步鞏固朋輩互助網絡,以減少婦女受到家暴及虐待。

「婦女互助, 帶動轉變」社區分享會為葵青區婦女安排了一個音樂療法工作坊,以改善她們的溝通及控制情緒能力,與及加強集中力及自信心,令身心靈達至和諧合一。 分享會更有一個心靈健康及情緒管理講座,鼓勵婦女練習靜觀及深呼吸,以平靜情緒及改善婦女家庭的身心和心理健康。


香港崇德社作為母社贊助及輔導的崇德青年社,也會參與十六日行動「向婦女暴力說不」,  五所女校的崇德青年社會員,會將她們對「向婦女暴力說不」的想法和感受寫在橙色紙條釘成手環, 再串連在一起成為同心鏈 (unity chain),放在學校當眼位置及崇德青年社網頁,宣揚大家一起同心合力「向婦女暴力說不」,同心鏈照片亦會在國際崇德社「向婦女暴力說不」專頁展示。




香港崇德社贊助及輔導六個青少年社,包括德望學校,香港國際學校,嘉諾撒聖瑪利書院,聖保祿學校, 聖士提反女子中學及真光女書院。建社目標是鼓勵中學生組織有意義的服務及倡導計劃,從而培養其溝通及領導能力,職業規劃和國際觀。